President Trump Discusses High Level Budget Construct During OMB Meeting

No single aspect to the President Trump policy agenda will more specifically, and consequentially, impact the swamp draining process than the creation of a prioritized federal budget. The last federal budget was signed into law in September 2007 (for fiscal year 2008) by President George W. Bush. As a strategic political maneuver, since ’08 every […]

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Secret of Success of Top Real Estate Professionals- Keep It REAL

Most of the people in real estate believe the old saying, listings control the market. According to this myth those real estate agents who gets more listing are far more in control than those who do not. Success only comes when listing become sales and sales become closings. However, merely becoming a real estate agent with most listing does not assure success. A common question which has asked by various new real estate agents is how do the top real estate professionals assure their success? If talk about all the factors that sum up a successful real estate professional then it will be a combination of skills assets, persistence, marketing tactics, attitude and power of persuasion. However, essential factors which are rarely followed is quality negotiations. This factor is rarely trained, evaluated or sufficiently discussed and this should be considered at the time listing presentation when a real estate agent explains many things to homeowner including the pricing, commissions etc., are finalized. According to Tomas Vargas Harvard, A successful investor in real estate business an agent owes his potential client many details, but one necessity is a willingness and ability to keep it Real.

Be Relevant, rational with your clients: When any client talks to you regarding his priorities, concern and question, listen to him carefully and acknowledge his concern. You aim should be on maintaining relevance to him, and explain what needs to be said. A heart and head balance are also important. Do get emotional and explain in a calm, rational manner.


Explain your Expectations; earn Trust: When specifying a listing price, you should explain your reasoning behind it. A professional and wise real estate agent always under promises and over deliver to get the trust of his client. Explain the new homeowner about his responsibilities and duties and update him about the process time to time. You can vanish the fear of Big-C (Commission), by providing superior service and value.

Analyze the Market & Assist your clients efficiently: You should be aware of market trends and factors to analyze the market as well as the optimum pricing point. The most crucial factors which will decide your image is how you will assist your clients in the whole process?

Listen; Learn & Lead: The success mantra for real estate agent is to listen more than speaking and make the time and effort to teach your clients what essential they exactly want to know and learn about the process and deal. An honest desire to lead them where they need to be will be your plus point the real estate business success.

Tomas Vargas Harvard suggested the above steps be followed in order to get successful in the real estate business by keeping it REAL.

Business Tips for Every Entrepreneur

Starting a new business is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be confident, knowledgeable and financially efficient enough for new startups.  Small Entrepreneurs always dream of their business expansion and becoming successful in no time. There is no magic wand for any business success. You have to go through the roller coaster of market competition. Your strategies should be clear and practical enough to stand out from your competitors.  By admitting what you do not know about business and these simple tips will help you to stepping ahead of getting your business from hot water.

Tomas Vargas Harvard: The first and the foremost step are always making sure there is and will be adequate money in the bank for running your business smoothly. This is the crucial reason for any business failure. If you know you are and will be running out of cash, then fix this problem now.


Do not hire the herd. Your employees should be the backbone of your business and remind them about their goal of the company’s agenda whenever it is necessary. If they make you lose focus then warn them once. Try to figure out who is the problem? Sometimes young entrepreneurs fail to manage their employees.  Do take care of your star performers, take a time to ensure that they are motivated, challenged and compensated well.

Listen to your customer’s feedback and value their opinions because your dissatisfied customers are the best source of your motivation. Your repeat customers are your advertising agents and are the easiest way to get business.

Be clear on what your company does and all the things it doesn’t do.  Learn to say “Yes” and “no” a lot.

You should know when and when not to be transparent.  Sometimes, it is good to be open and share the information, however, sometimes you have to Zip it. You have to decide when and with whom to do this. Surely, it comes with experience.

Trust your own instincts.  It is a most valuable decision-making tool. Sometimes we know that it was not a good idea and regret by not listening to your own instincts. Sit quietly and listen to yourself before going ahead.

Realize the importance of defending your intellectual property.  Many entrepreneurs do not know the dissimilarity between a copyright, trade secret, and patent. It is important to defend your intellectual property.

Keep business separate from your personal life. Don’t make your business for an extension of your personal finances.  Construct the right business entity in order to go far in the business trail.

Know all about your finances, expenses, cash flow, capital requirements, revenues and effective tax rate in order to avoid big troubles for your business.

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